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Busby Group


Eagle Downs Coal Mine

Site Establishment, Conveyor Footings and Drifts Conveyors Steel Erection

Works included earthworks, gravel pavements, structural concrete from workshop slabs to drive in sumps, conveyor footings with holding down bolts, erection of conveyor towers and frames and drift spoil removal.

Client: WDS Limited

Civeo Pty Ltd (formerly The MAC Group)

Moranbah, Coppabella, Nebo Villages Accommodation Room Rebranding

Complete refurbishing of accommodation rooms at the above villages including demolition, electrical, air conditioning, walls, flooring, bathrooms and joinery

Client: Civeo Pty Ltd (formerly The MAC Group)

Eagle Downs Coal Mine

Eagle Downs Portal Installation – Concrete Base and Precast Panel Installation

Two drift portal bases poured in situ and precast arch units installed in both drifts.

Client: WDS Limited

Curragh Mine

Curragh Workshop Civils and Shed Erection

Client: Golding Contractors

Isaac Plains Coal Mine

Workshop Complete

Framework for Workshop

Curragh Mine

Curragh – Camp Signage – Installation of signage and linemarking for new camp facility.

Client: Wesfarmers Curragh

Curragh – Magnetite Pit

Client: Downer EDI

Clarke Energy

This work involved the full civil construction of 45 megawatt seam gas power stations.  Works included cut to fill & imported fill for the road construction and pavement.  Other works were 2 x dam constructions including HDPE Liner, drainage structures and gully pits, sediment traps, pump out pits, spoon drains, sediment ponds and underground drainage. Concrete structures included 15 engine bases; a 250 m2 gas conditioning pad; various pedestals/plinths; bulk oil pads and transformer pads; and full workshop construction including all electrical & plumbing works. Also included were 900 lineal metres of security fencing & Armco rail. Approximately 1000m3 of concrete was used on each job at the following locations:

Chinchilla Power Station, Moranbah Power Station, Blackwater Power Station, Mt Isa Power Station.

Client: Clarke Energy

BMA Moranbah Airport

Moranbah Temporary Airport


Client: BMA

Civil works including earthworks, electrical, concrete, fencing, supply and insulation of charter facilities and shade structures.

Moranbah Temporary Airport Facilities

Client: Qantas

Similar setup to above contract.

Dyno Nobel Moranbah Ammonium Nitrate Plant

Structural concrete base and columns for Ammonium Nitrate Plant consisted of a 400m3 base pour.

Client: Dyno Nobel

Kestrel Mine Extension, New Underground Mine Portals, Dams & Roads

Project Management Services for BGC at Kestrel Mine Extension. Works included excavation, installation of two portal structures and backfill, access roads, dams and services. Continued on site with labour hire for BGC, Redpath, Armflame and ASD Vent Installations.

Crinum Mine, Crinum East Overland Conveyor

The basic scope of work required to successfully complete the Crinum East Overland Conveyor included the construction of concrete footings and slabs for all overland conveyor structures and associated earthworks.  Several of these structures were specialized areas of the conveyor and included structures such as; Breaker Station footings & slabs; Tripper Station footings & slabs; Transfer Station footings & slabs; Head End footings & slabs; Drive Frame footings & slabs; Gantry Support Column (approx. 20m high); and Transformer & Substation footings & slabs for all electrical works. Further to this all concrete works for the Gregory Mine Tunnel Extension footings, slabs, an 8m high headwall & wingwalls of the same height were completed. Earthworks including excavation & backfill of all structures were also completed.  Approx. 3000m3 of concrete was used on this project.

Dawson Mine, Moura

Involved in the Dawson Mine Project, these works included the Project Management, construction of three Dump Station Reinforced Walls and associated primary and secondary sizer footings and concrete slabs. Further to this Busby Contractors provided Project Management Services, culvert and drainage construction, structural concrete works – including conveyer road underpass, bridging over failing culverts and bored piers.

Gregory Mine

This job involved the construction of concrete footings, pedestals and drainage for an extension of the existing wash plant at Gregory Mine. Also completed were concrete works for the Gantry Support Column, which is a part of the Crinum Overland Conveyor project.

Ensham Mine Dragline Erection Compund

This work included importing a 1m thick rock fill directly from the mine open cut utilising 150T trucks, D11 dozers and 825 compactor to cart, dump, and grade the base fill of some 40,000m3. Pavement material up to CBR60 in the order of 6,000m3 was then imported and trimmed to form the working surface on the dragline erection pad measuring 225m by 175m. A 26m diameter concrete slab was then constructed for the dragline to be built on. Along with underground services, water, workshop slabs and footpaths the work was completed in a safe and efficient manner to enable access on schedule.

Minerva and Rolleston Mines

Installation of corragated steel pipes for rail loadout loop and coal loadout stations.